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John Taylor, Esq.

Founder and Managing Attorney

Attorney Skill Set

In order to accomplish all of the goals necessary in the diverse practice of the firm, we continually utilize and hone our analytical abilities, attention to detail, logical reasoning, persuasiveness, sound judgment and writing ability. Further given the demands of a small firm, client management, interpersonal skills, dedication through long hours, and providing dependable, disciplined and loyal counsel have become paramount to continually growing the firm as we’ve done year in and year out.

Just as legal writing skills are important, so too are verbal skills. Gained through practice, these presentation and verbal competencies differentiate the good from the great. Attorneys shift gears in their verbal style constantly. In one instance I may need to speak in a persuasive and authoritative manner during a hearing or a trial. And yet in another instance, I may need to console a grieving widow requiring sympathetic conversation in reassuring tones. These verbal skills are more than just the ability to say the right words, the words also need to be said in the right manner and it is these abilities which separate our advocacy from our competitors.


We seek to exploit technology for speed, efficiency and transparency during every representation.

As I work to that goal, I’ve obtained Professional Certifications from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Applied Cyber Security, as well as having been certified by Apple as a Certified Technician in both Hardware and Software (ACMT) to help augment and strengthen my understanding and ability to safely implement the newest available technologies to modernize the practice of law. There are few Attorneys who approach the level of technological expertise available to clients of this firm - something that is an absolute necessity today.

I’ve also created custom software and online tools/resources to help investigate, track and review each case. These systems allow not only for us to provide tools to clients to better understand their options, but also allow us to incorporate past experience institutionally into each subsequent matter. This expertise allows us to improve our current offerings and to also prepare for the future as the practice of law continues to evolve in the age of apps and email and social media. I’ve recently been published by an online Magazine giving my thoughts on how Automated Driving will not only change our roads, but a huge swath of the legal profession as well. (click here for more information).


Throughout the life of my practice I’ve been able to help hundreds of clients deal with legal matters involving cases in Superior, District, Housing, Family & Probate and the Massachusetts Appeals Courts. I’ve also appeared on behalf of clients at Administrative Hearings at the Department of Industrial Accidents, the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, various Zoning Boards of Appeals and have represented clients in disputes with the Social Security Administration. I’ve worked with the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office on various Employment based claims brought by employees against their employers, and on many occasions with the Middlesex and Norfolk County District Attorney’s Offices to resolve criminal matters reasonably and without any time served for the firm’s clients.

Domain Expertise from these proceedings includes, Employment Discrimination, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Wage Act Violations, Criminal Defense involving both Felonies and Misdemeanors (including Operating under the Influence, Assault and Battery and others), Disputed & Joint Divorce Proceedings, Tax Abatement issues, Legal Malpractice Claims, Construction Disputes, Condominium Board Controversies, Contempt proceedings, Massachusetts Wiretap Act Violations, Debt Collection Actions (between $2,000 and $1,000,000), Worker’s Compensation Matters and others still.

My Firm has also provided extensive consulting and representation services in the emerging Sober Homes market for founders, including assistance with negotiations, Reasonable Accommodation Requests and litigation when necessary. We also provide extensive services to both Landlords and Tenants surrounding housing disputes and have substantial experience in assisting with Security Deposit Statute violations and Eviction representation for any and all parties.

While I pride myself on being a Trial Attorney, I’ve also been able to assist my clients in their business needs outside of the courtroom as well, providing counsel and services involving business formation (including the drafting of Operating Agreements and Partnership Agreements, LLC filings general formation advice), the drafting of Employment Documentation, the Creation of Privacy, Social Media and Business Conduct Policies, Mediation of Founder Disputes in Start-Ups, Business Asset Transfer guidance (including contract drafting to complete the transfer process), SSL Certificates Consulting and more. I’ve also provided counsel to clients surrounding their Estate Planning needs, including drafting Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorney Documentation and Health Care Proxies.

Investigative Importance & Focus

Every case we undertake begins with a thorough investigation of the matter at hand. Those investigations involve witness interviews, document review, collaborative research regarding assets, technological meta-data, incident breakdown and awareness dissection, objective legal theory memorandums and in certain instances accident/incident reconstruction. These investigations grow through the discovery process once a case is filed. The mechanisms of discovery allow the firm to request, receive and digest incredible amounts of pertinent information surrounding each case. The firm will spend up to 70% of its time investigating a case throughout the duration of its existence in the firm and we relentlessly and intelligently pursue any and all leads which could have a material impact on a client’s case.

Extensive Litigation Experience

Superior Court, District Court, Housing Court and Family & Probate Court

Business Advising

Business Creation and Maturation, Zoning, Employment and More

Trusted and Knowledgeable Counsel

Working with clients to understand all the angles and provide any and all reasonable options

Exceptional Written & Verbal Advocacy Abilities

Pledge to Exemplary Service

Diligent Pursuit of the Details that Matter

Constant Innovation in Practice


I founded Tay-Law after graduating from Suffolk University Law School. While at SULS, John worked hard for the Executive Office of Public Safety, the Middlesex County District Attorney’s Office and the private firm Sillari & Glines. John also competed in various moot court competitions and was a member of several organizations during his time at SULS.

I received his undergraduate degree from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, graduating as a Commonwealth Scholar with honors. While at UMASS, John helped to found the Theta Mu Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi.

I grew up in Chelmsford, Massachusetts and currently resides in the Greater Boston Area. I also love to travel and have been all over the U.S., as well as to China (including Hong Kong, Shanghai, Xi'an), Vietnam and several Tropical Locations.


John can be reached at and (857) 264-1247.

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