Why should I chose Tay-Law?


Well the goal of our firm is to provide reasonably affordable, passionate and outstanding legal service to anyone. Breaking that down, we think you should choose us because:


1.) Outstanding Legal Work: No one wants to hire an incompetent lawyer. Many people don’t understand what it is that lawyers do, other than going to court and speaking to a judge. One of our goals is to make it clear the painstaking process of understanding, formulating and advocating your case. We do it in a way that is easy to understand and makes it clear that our processes are thorough, well thought out and precise.


2.) Compassion: Many clients have never visited or dealt with an attorney when they walk into a law office needing help. In many cases they have no idea what to expect from the office or the lawyer they’ll be talking to about some of the most sensitive information in their life. Some clients are disappointed in what they’ve found with regard to how they feel they were treated by the attorneys they hired. Here we guarantee you’ll see our genuine passion and interest in the lives of our clients.


3.) Our Prices. Anytime anyone decides they need legal advice the first thing that explodes into their mind is cost. Lawyers are traditionally very expensive. So expensive that the public perception for many middle class families is that they cannot afford to hire or even talk to a lawyer. We think that’s crazy. Our goal is to be affordable, just check out our Billing Practices page. We have discounts, flat fee rates and many other options to try and help each potential client realize that they can afford quality legal advice and counsel.


Why are you less expensive than other attorneys?


Two reasons: our use of technology keeps our office lean and efficient and we have very little overhead. Our office operates as a virtual law office, being a lawyer today is much different than it was 20 years ago. Today, legal knowledge is stored on hard drives and the internet as oppose to file cabinets and bookshelf’s. Through the use of encrypted cloud computing solutions, all of our files are available anywhere there is an internet connection. This also allows us to keep our clients better informed as they can connect to the files as well. Because of this our offices don’t need nearly the amount of space a law office did 20 or even 10 years ago.


We rent office space as we need it for depositions and meetings at convenient locations throughout the state and make ourselves available to our clients almost anywhere for their convenience, instead of making them come to us.


Our costs are exponentially lower than a normal brick and mortar firm and this allows us to pass that savings directly onto you.


To be even more honest, our firm is in a growth stage. We are actively seeking to add new clients and our prices reflect that desire. If we satisfy our clients with high quality legal work at affordable rates we will continue to grow and this growth is the driving force of our business.


What should I expect If I meet with you?


When meeting a lawyer for the first time the best advice I can give is to be prepared. We lawyers also need great clients. An attorney’s job is to give advice and to advocate for a client. To do this we need our clients to be truthful, forthcoming and open minded. Just because you go see a lawyer doesn’t mean you can sue someone. Ultimately a lawyer decides to accept or reject your case based on its merits and during the process this law firm prides itself on giving open and honest advice no matter which way we decide.


Bring all the documents you can. Much like a doctor who has to run tests and wait for results, during an initial meeting we can give you a basic outline of what you are facing, but we need to do research to give detailed answers. To help us do that we’ll need you to bring everything that’s applicable to the story you want to tell us.


What if I’m not sure you could help me?


Call us.  We’ll talk to you on the phone about your problem and go from there. The truth is this law firm doesn’t handle every type of case under the sun. We handle a wide array of cases, but not all cases. But we have professional relationships with attorneys all over New England. So even if you need help for a bankruptcy case in New Hampshire, its very likely that we can help you find a great lawyer at no cost to you.


What if I have more questions?


Call us or email us! We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.